Center for Restorative Programs

Center for Restorative Programs (CRP) is a non-profit Restorative Justice (RJ) based organization supported through government and private grants that began in 1995 as a response to the over-criminalization of typical youth behaviors. A group of local leaders recognized the disproportionate impact on minority youth and determined that RJ diversion would be one of the best ways to address this issue. This service area includes the six counties of the San Luis Valley, a very large, impoverished rural geographic expanse. While youth RJ diversion remains central to CRP’s work, programs now include a broad array of prevention and intervention services for youth and families, all rooted in restorative principles.

CRP’s mission to strengthen community in the San Luis Valley by bridging conflict and restoring relationships is critical to helping the community find productive ways forward when there are incidents of harm. All programs are grounded in dialogue, accountability, and reconciliation, and are designed to empower youth and adults with opportunities to build empathy, have ownership over their futures, and utilize strengths to accomplish their goals