Training and Facilitation Services

We are actively involved in supporting schools and after-school sites throughout the San Luis Valley to develop or enhance site-based conflict resolution programs. This includes training for staff, students and parents in communication, problem-solving skills and conflict mediation. We can provide direct assistance with school-site conflicts or discipline issues, to replace or supplement suspensions or police intervention with more restorative processes. Possible services to schools and other youth-serving sites include:

  • Assistance for teachers, counselors, administrators, students and parents to develop or enhance existing peer mediation programs
  • Staff development training in conflict resolution skills
  • K-12 student curricula options for non-violence and conflict resolution skills
  • Direct intervention in chronic or more serious school-site disputes
  • Development of restorative discipline alternatives to suspension/expulsion
  • Community events to raise awareness of social climate issues
  • Bullying prevention, including training in the Olweus Bullying Prevention model