Girls Circle and The Council

34981_144714822210307_138803609468095_460453_3538016_nGirls Circle and The Council are models of structured support groups for girls or boys from 9-18 years. It is designed to foster self-esteem, help girls and boys maintain authentic connection with peers and adults of their gender in their community, counter trends toward self-doubt, and allow for genuine self-expression through verbal sharing, creative and physical activity.

Each week, a group of six to ten girls or boys of similar age and development meet with two facilitators for an hour or more. During this time the students take turns talking and listening to one another about their concerns and interests. They can express themselves further through creative or focused activities such as games, role playing, drama, journaling, poetry, drawing, collage, clay, computer, and so on.

Through listening and respect for themselves and others, participants can reflect on and express their own thoughts and feelings with peers.  The Girls Circle and The Council does not aim to provide advice, but encourages them to share experiences that are helpful to one another.

When boys and girls voice their ideas and opinions in a safe environment, it strengthens their confidence and encourages them to express themselves more fully. By examining cultural expectations in a safe and supportive setting, youth gain greater awareness of their options and strengthen their ability to make choices that are consistent with their values, interests, and talents.

For more information visit the Girls Circle and The Council website or contact our office if you are interested in starting a group in your community.