center for restorative programs - alamosa

CRP Mission, Vision & Values


Strengthen community in the San Luis Valley by building connection, transforming conflict, and healing relationships


Restorative Practices are the foundation of a healthy and just community throughout the San Luis Valley.



We all have a need for healthy connection and relationship with others. All people deserve the opportunity to build healthy relationships rooted in deep understanding.


Community is built on complex and interdependent relationships, including interpersonal, organizational, and systemic. A healthy community requires mutual understanding and respect rooted in deep listening and authentic communication.

Meaningful Accountability

Our words and actions have ripples of impact. True accountability is possible when we own the impact of our words and actions; when we take responsibility for our own behaviors and allow others to take responsibility for theirs; and when we strive to repair harms as meaningfully as possible.

Equity and Justness

We currently live in a society where systemic obstacles in the justice system, education, and access to resources often negatively impact marginalized groups. Preventing and repairing harm in individual relationships and within systems helps interrupt racism, misogyny, homophobia, and other forms of oppression, allowing everyone to have greater access to achieving their full potential.


We all have the right to transform our lives and heal from the impact of harm we have caused or experienced. When we have agency to act and speak on our own behalf we grow stronger and more resilient.


Every person has dignity and value. Our community is stronger when each person has an opportunity to be heard and respected, particularly those that have been historically marginalized.