Empowering the San Luis Valley through Restorative Justice Programs

Building & Restoring Relationships
Through Meaningful Action

Restorative Justice Diversion

Our work is rooted in Restorative Justice Principles, an approach to crime and conflict that gives a voice to all affected parties and aims to repair relationships. Restorative Justice seeks to recognize harms and restore equity as much as possible through a safe and trauma-responsive process.

Restorative Practices in Schools

We collaborate with San Luis Valley schools and after-school sites to help build cultures focused on Restorative Principles. Schools are all unique. As such, we design individualized timetables, trainings, and interventions for each setting to help resolve conflicts and address issues like bullying and truancy.

Restorative Community Programs

Our collaborative intensive case management programs include Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion (LEAD) and other community programs designed to support individuals who are struggling with substance use that utilize harm reduction, wraparound, and restorative justice principles.

Restorative Family Support Services

Our family support services, including our Wraparound program, provide personalized plans of care for children with complex needs and their families. Developed by a family centered team using Restorative Principles, each plan is individualized based on the strengths and culture of the child and their family.

CRP Announcements

We are HIRING these positions:
Intensive Case Manager III (ICM III)
& Intensive Case Manager (ICM II)

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Success Stories

“The Center for Restorative Programs has been an excellent resource and partner, with a wide variety of programs providing help for teen drivers, teen and adult substance abuse, people facing evictions, and more. The people I see participating in CRP’s programs have a chance for more real ownership and involvement in the court process and, as a result, the outcome is so much more meaningful and personal for them than simply getting a ruling or sentence handed down by the judge.”
— Kimberly Cortez, District Judge in the 12th Judicial District

“CRP, as our local Restorative Justice program, has become an integral part of the justice system here in the San Luis Valley. CRP is particularly essential to our efforts at preventing youth from entering the pipeline to jails and prisons.”
— Martín Gonzales, State of Colorado Restorative Justice Council Member, Chair of the 12th Judicial District Access to Justice Committee, & SLV Community Corrections Board Member

“The Center for Restorative Programs is a wonderful asset to our rural San Luis Valley community! CRP has a caring and dedicated staff. The services they provide empower people to work together to find common ground for healing, reconciliation, and understanding. Over the years I’ve had the fortunate opportunity to see people’s lives change for the better after participating in CRP’S programs”
— Ty Coleman, Mayor of Alamosa

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If you have questions please email info@restorativeprograms.org or call 719-589-5255.